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“Without change there is no innovation, creativity or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”

—William Pollard

With a purposeful approach to evolving to a world-class educational center, the brightest and most innovative minds are being bred in the Capital Region.

Ikos Management in partnership with York Funding is participating in the economic growth goals of Albany, New York. Ikos continues to develop public and private relationships to best assess and help address the collaborative approach in the growth of the Capital Region.

The Empire State capital region has steadily been positioning itself as a hub of the workforce of the future.

Between the investment in the skills and minds of the future and the cost of living affordability factor, it’s no wonder the enrollment of various higher learning institutions have consistently grown the past 5 years as they serve as the pipeline of the workforce. In addition to the world class educational facilities, champions of the Capital Region, like STEAM Gardens, are addressing the burden of startup cost by providing business incubators and workspace to meet the needs of the pipeline. The marketability of those who have chosen an alternative route to formal education through the increase of skill set are also being addressed via various trade schools and technology through Ikos Management. With the leadership’s focus on process and incentivizing real estate development to prepare for the expected density, it is becoming a breeding ground for tech companies to set deep roots. York Funding has partnered with Ikos Management to expand its lending arm in the Capital Region and to help participate in the inevitable economic boom. The TAMI growth of NYC is spilling over to Albany NY. Tech provides the opportunity for telecommuting.

NYC being a short 2.5-hour Amtrak ride to Albany, we are seeing the merging of the Capital with the Apple which is making real estate investing and lending a great combination and opportunity for York Funding’s expansion.

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